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Teak Indonesia Finger Joint
Specially built as external parquet, ideal for decking and swimming pools, this hardwood parquet is 215 cm in length (but finger jointed together from smaller pieces) and 9.5 cm wide. The surface is smooth. Requires underlay flooring kit to be laid.

Teak Indonesia
Highest quality Indonesian Teak made from single pieces. Available in either 120 or 220 cm lengths one side is smooth the other is milled for a better grip when wet: the choice can be made when installing. Requires underlay flooring kit to be laid.

Teak Africa
Made from high quality African Teak. This can be chosen in two widths 9 or 12 cm and two lengths: 80 or 220 cm. The surface is smooth. Again, this flooring requires an underlay flooring kit to be installed.