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Design, picture and sculpture, are not ways of traditional expression, but originating, also, of the future.

The combination between rule and chance, is life, art, fantasy and balance, and to this principle is EFFEZERO inspired to. A new collection created from partnership with sparkling Interior Designer Andrea Castrignano, and used to realize his restauration project, within the TV program CAMBIO CASA, CAMBIO VITA (Change house, Change life).

By using noble materials, Andrea Castrignano has designed for us a door with a delicate profile, absolutely actual, with a great lightness effect into it.

Realized in ash wood and refined with new techniques with total respect for the environment, the doors from EFFEZERO collection convey authentic and minute sensations; wide and clean surfaces combined with the softness of a natural structure suggest an effect of continuity and naturalness.

When designing a door, we propose ourselves to summarize function, aesthetics and quality.