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The company has retained, in keeping with tradition, the fundamental principles are essential to the excellence of the product: exclusive use of natural woods, selected with the utmost care. Always seek to understand the consumer and what the market wants, this to be sure of the success of our products. Professionalism is the basis of our work and we believe that our success depends on the success of our customers.


Creativity, imagination, technological and quality analysis. Designing is the base for all our products. From concept we reach perfection through all stages of production design, prototyping and development.

The expression of creativity makes the environment of your houses an exclusive and stylish corner of style. The craftsmanship of our doors is guaranteed by talented wood professionals.


Our Mission evolves through the years and today still resists: realize doors of very high quality that furnishes the environments at best with class, taste and originality in the name of Italian design.

We reach our targets, maintaining respect for tradition and the fundamental principles necessary to gain the excellence of the products. Planning and realizing doors for interior with a high artistic value and design.



Started by the family founder Pierino Giorio in 1969, supplying local families with wooden floors, the company specialized in the production of parquet floors combining a love for natural wood and fine craftsmanship.

Launched as a global brand in 2009, Alma by Giorio, quickly gained the consensus of both domestic and international markets with its high quality, cutting-edge production technology, reliability, efficiency and professionally trained staff as it’s hallmark.

Giorio also specialized in sports flooring with the Adisportfloor brand.


Through the knowledgeable selection of the highest quality raw materials and constant tracking of market trends and fashion Alma is able to produce a series of collections of unique and refined elegance, beautiful to behold and feel. Vintage, modern, classic or sought-after.

Fully certified, love and respect for the environment characterizes everything that Alma does.

Alma can provide the best functional solution in line with the customer’s requirements and taste.


Alma is a project partner. Its production capacity is fully available to designers and architects to develop a project and study its feasibility, two steps necessary to ensure top-quality results.

By relying upon strong organizational and productive capabilities, as well as its long experience working in close contact with prestigious brands, Alma manufactures custom-made and exclusive design products that fully comply with each customer’s discrete specifications.